Dental implant to three elements
Consistent dental hygiene routines don’t always protect from damage and tooth loss. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, there are two common options when it comes to restoring your smile: bridges or implants. Bridge vs implant pros and cons will be broken down and hopefully help you decide which option you prefer.


Using the surrounding natural teeth as supports, a dental bridge positions the false teeth to fill in the gaps.


  • No surgery is required. The procedure is simple and far less painful than implants. The superficial bonding requires no drilling or other off-putting procedures to some.
  • Quick treatment. Typically, bridges only take 2-3 weeks to be fully installed and can have you confidently smiling soon.
  • Bridges are the more affordable option of the two and can be covered by dental insurance. Most bridges range from $1000-$4000 depending on the number of teeth, composition, placement in the mouth and complexity.


  • Bridges look less natural than implants and are more noticeable.
  • On average, bridges only last 5-7 years and must be replaced.
  • The surrounding teeth are damaged and altered in order to fit the bridge.


A titanium post mimicking the tooth root is implanted into the bone as a base to attach a crown.
woman dentist take implant tooth


  • Implants require minimal maintenance, compared to bridges. Their durability allows most implants to last a lifetime.
  • Natural looking. Implants function and look like their natural counterparts.
  • Further jawbone deterioration is stopped by implants properly filling the open spaces.
  • Other teeth are not harmed because implants are anchored on their own without relying on stressing other teeth.


  • Surgery is required to anchor the implant into the bone. Infection, nerve damage, and other complications are possible.
  • The time required for implants to be fully installed is typically several months. This allows the titanium post time to fuse naturally before the crown is installed.
  • Implants are the more expensive option and are less likely to be covered by insurance. Most implants will cost $4000 for one tooth.

When it comes to deciding between a bridge or implant for a missing tooth, each has their benefits.
Many people consider how long does a dental bridge last and how long do dental implants last when making their decision. In the long run, the longevity of implants can save money over frequently replaced bridges. The natural look and feel of implants also attract patients looking for a subtle solution. Dental implant surgery is very common, and although the healing process is longer, the health benefits of the fused and stable jawbone can prevent further complications down the road.
To know for certain which option is best for you, contact Doral Dental Specialists today. Our expert staff will help you decide, answer all questions and set you on your way to a restored and contagious smile. You don’t have to deal with a missing tooth any longer, with Doral Dental Specialists!