Every treatment is much more effective and less invasive if we can discover any potential oral issues early on. We have a priority to give you the best and most convenient solutions to your dental problems by using some of the most advanced dental technology available .

Digital X-Rays

We use new, cutting edge digital x-ray technology instead of old, outdated x-ray systems. Digital x-ray technology allows all of our patients to save time while exposing them to far less radiation than traditional x-ray systems do. Digital x-rays also provide much clearer images of your dental situation than traditional x-rays.

Intraoral Cameras

Even though x-rays are extremely valuable for determining your oral health, they don’t always tell us the full story. That’s where intraoral cameras come into play.

An intraoral camera is roughly the size of the oral mirror that dentists use in oral checkups. However, this tiny camera can detect many things a mirror or x-ray often can’t.
It can detect cracked teeth, cavities located next to filings, plaque deposits, excessive wear and other conditions that x-rays may miss.

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