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Whiter teeth are a common goal. You may brush frequently and watch what liquids you consume but does it seem like your teeth are still not white? With so many options for teeth whitening, you may be overwhelmed.

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During the procedure, a hydrogen peroxide-based gel is applied to the surface of your teeth and it quickly works to break down all stains. With this option, you will receive immediate results and take comfort in knowing Doral Dental Specialists expert staff provided the service.
For at-home treatments, teeth whitening trays are an option. Custom made trays, and whitening gel can be ordered through your dentist to allow for convenient whitening.

  • How long does it take to see results? Typically, at-home tray whitening takes 10-14 days to complete with results sometimes appearing in as few as three to five days.
  • How long to whiten teeth with trays? Treatments with trays and gel are applied in two 20-minute applications.
  • Do you brush your teeth after whitening trays? Yes, following treatment you should rinse and brush away any remaining gel.

Teeth whitening trays are a safe and highly effective way to make your smile shine. Questions like how to use dental whitening trays and how much whitening gel to use in trays are all answered at Doral Dental Specialists. Their expert staff will discuss with you the entire procedure, provide you with the highest quality of whitening equipment and consult you on any dental needs. Contact Doral Dental Specialists today for a whiter smile. https://www.loopdent.com