Root Canals

There was a time when you’d lose your tooth if you had a diseased nerve. Luckily, it can be saved now with a special dental procedure called root canal treatment.

If a dentist determines that you need a root canal procedure, do not delay it. If a diseased tooth is left untreated or you delay your root canal treatment for too long, it can only get worse.

Many patients have allowed bacteria to enter the gums and pulp tissue further by trying to avoid a necessary root canal. If the infection goes untreated for long enough then an abscess may form and start doing major damage to your teeth, gums and jawbones.

Special consideration needs to be given to dental infections because of how easily an infection could spread from your mouth to the brain due to their proximity.

If you think you have some gum disease or need a root canal, do not delay with making an appointment with us here at Doral Dental Specialists. We will quickly attend to your needs and bring your mouth back to proper health.

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