The Doral Dental Specialists Experience

The first time you arrive at Doral Dental Specialists, a clinical history is requested, along with your preferred genre of music. This allows us to offer you the most relaxed, pleasant, and custom-tailored dental experience possible. During your treatment, you’ll be given a headset with a media player from which you can select from an extensive music library customized to your music preferences.

As our patient, you’ll be treated as an individual, with true empathy and concern for your comfort and well-being. We want you to feel at home and at ease here in the office, not as if you were simply another patient. With Doral Dental Specialists, you’re so much more than a patient; you are a friend.

What Is Doral Dental Specialists

Doral Dental Specialists is a dental practice that brings together a dynamic team of excellent healthcare professionals dedicated to satisfying the comprehensive dental needs of our patients.

It was created under the premise that a fusion of music and dentistry can reduce stress levels and anxiety in patients during their visit to the dentist. We compare each tooth to a musical note that collectively can compose a harmonious smile and sound.

How Was Doral Dental Specialists Created?

The Doral Dental Specialists concept was developed by our founders, Gabriela Perez and Juan Ricardo Youssef, the mastermind behind this innovative idea, who incorporated his knowledge of music into his dental practice. When he designed the Doral Dental Specialists model, he realized that there were many similarities between the two arts (music and dentistry) that coexist in the constant search for harmony.

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