No one likes that time when you have to remove one or more teeth because they’re infected or causing some other type of orthodontic issue.

Infected teeth that have a lot of decay must be removed because they can spread their infection to surrounding teeth, gums and other parts of your mouth or body. Sometimes teeth need to be removed in order to fix the placement and orientation of the other teeth while going through long-term orthodontic correctional procedures such as braces.

Wisdom teeth are also teeth that typically get extracted. This is because they have a tendency to shift the rest of your teeth and cause orthodontic issues.

Occasionally even baby teeth need to be removed before they fall out naturally. Baby tooth removal is necessary when they are misshapen or have irregularities (such as abnormally long roots) that prevent them from falling out and allowing room for the adult, permanent teeth to come in.

When a dentist determines that one of your teeth need to be removed, they may extract it during a normal, routine checkup.

Each one of your teeth’s roots are encased in a tooth socket within your jawbone. A ligament in that socket holds your tooth in place and it needs to be separated from the tooth in order to properly extract it.

A patient is usually sedated, and the procedure is done very quickly. Extracted tooth is often replaced with a fake tooth to avoid any major oral changes.

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